An introduction to me, and the format of this blog


My name is Nicholas Seitz and I’m a photographer from Virginia. I’m attending Virginia Commonwealth University studying in the Art Foundation program with the intent of applying to the Photography and Film department. I’ve been a photographer for two years, but I’ve enjoyed taking pictures all my life. I’ve dabbled in just about every kind of photography, from “studio” portraiture, to landscapes, to product photography to senior shoots on and on. Every one presents its challenges and each focus will go back and forth holding my interests; there’s not really one I love more than the rest and I’ll talk about all that later.

Why a blog, dude?

I love photography. I am opinionated about photography. I love talking about my work, and I love running my mouth about others’ work. I think that the best way to grow as an artist is to practice relentlessly, process your own work, and meticulously pour over others’ work in various mediums. Study the history of the medium. Study your tools. Mix things up. Get feedback. Everything is important, and there’s no rigid balance of these things which lead to success, but I hope to further each of these pursuits and to improve my art with this blog. I’d also like to teach and help other photographers, as well as entertain and inform those who aren’t photographers.

I also like to write and don’t do it enough; this is an excuse to do so.

How this’ll go down

Schedules and “periodicals” tend to bog me down, but I’d like to post to this blog frequently under several different topics.

  • Personal work
    As stated, critiquing and talking about my own work is one of the best ways I’ve found to improve. With each photo I post, I’ll talk a bit about technical details of the shot, a bit on the inspiration, maybe a story about taking the photo. I’d like these critiques to be as accessible as possible.
  • Others’ work
    Although I’ll be starting at VCU in the fall, I’ve always found my best learning to be done outside of the classroom. I’ve got a bunch of Ansel Adams’ books and I’ll probably blab about his stuff frequently as something new blows me away. As I come across fantastic stuff, modern or historical, photography or not, even, I’ll post it here and talk about it a bit.
  • Philosophy of photography
    Although I don’t claim to be a master of any sort, I do think a lot about photography as an idea. A lot of stuff will probably get posted as general thoughts on photography.
  • Other bits
    Gear acquisitions and reviews, projects, successes and failures, and other aspects of my life and other artistic interests will probably seep into this blog. I’m OK with that if you are.

How YOU fit into this!

As stated, my intent with this blog is to help myself and my audience grow in their art. What’s more, I hope to start discussions. I may ask for audience critique of my photos in certain situations, but my aim is to get people to ask questions and talk about good things. We all come out a bit smarter, a bit more well rounded and a bit better people if we all discuss and turn things over. Your feedback and your questions and your comments are always greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading folks, and I’ll see you soon. Stay posted!


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