Forest in Motion



This is something a bit more abstract than I’m used to doing, but I really liked the way these turned out.

I decided to get out of Richmond with some free time I had on Friday. I’ll need to find a faster way out to the country, because it took me around an hour to really get out into a nice secluded area. I ended up in reforested area around sunset, and I really liked the way the light was passing through the trees and the look as I drove by. So, in essence, I decided to take pictures of that.

The shoot involved setting my camera on my tripod and rigging it to my car with some careful seat-belting. I set it to shoot in intervals on f/22 and sped alongside the forest. A lot of the shots ended up too short (1/5 of a second and less) with clearly identifiable forest elements and I decided to not include those. I ended up really liking the interesting and abstract looking (for lack of a better descriptor) bands of color while still maintaining some interesting texture.

Post production was a big part of these photos. In some ways it was very reactionary in that as I edited, by a twitch of the mouse colors would emerge that were extreme exaggerations of hues only somewhat there in the photo right off the camera. The light brown of brush turned to deep red or gold, trees turned to a vibrant green/yellow. In some pictures bits of purple or blue even came out in the editing process that I didn’t necessarily set out to do but really enjoyed finding and working with in the editing process.


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