Franklin St. Repaving

This was an interesting outing with the 4×5. So far, the especially successful pictures I’ve taken with that camera were in very controlled settings where I had the chance to take as much time as that camera required to meticulously focus and measure exposure and wait for the perfect moment to shoot. However, going out to shoot road repaving next to my dorm was something I decided to try on a whim, and I’m very pleased with how the photos turned out.

The most interesting thing about these photos to me is the sort of timelessness of them. I posted one of the photos to Facebook a week ago and someone said “It looks like it could’ve been taken 150 years ago”. Despite shooting a somewhat modern subject with very modern film processing (all of these have been scanned and retouched for developing errors and contrast adjustment in Photoshop) it’s interesting to me how some of the inherent aesthetics to shooting with a bellows camera (detail, strange focal plane, perspective shift) can recall those feelings of timelessness, antiquity, and persistence in the viewer’s mind. It’s something that I’d very much like to explore in work outside of leisure time.


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