Detail of “10 hours 34 minutes…”

Below is a transcription of all of the notecards I wrote while walking along with 53 (roughly 1 in 4) of the pictures I took. Pictures mostly correspond to the time at which I wrote the card. Although none of the note cards pertained -directly- to a picture I took, most of them have a lot to do with the area I was passing through at the time or where I was in the walk. First and last pictures in this post are the first and last pictures taken.


7:26: I know I would be nervous, and I am. yet nervous isn’t entirely the right word. Im anxious, excited, wondering if this is even worth it, but above all, simply glad for alone time even if I have to walk 15 miles out of Richmond to get it.


7:42: What is this piece about? 1) How distance affects us 2) a study of the sunlight of an entire day 3) A look at the passage of time in an intimate capacity.


7:52: I’m restraining myself to one attempt at a picture, no deleting bad pics, and 20 pics/hour. Although I’ve used similar restrictions before, in this setting it feels odd, simply because I feel like I have to “make them last”.


7:57: I saw a group of runners and the strange thought occurred, even if they’re running a marathon, I’ll be going farther than they are today. My shoulder are starting to hurt.


8:09: It’s interesting seeing the demeanor of people in the morning. Makes me want to study how time of day might have bearing on people’s resting expressions.


8:24: I am stepping out of the familiar, downtown RVA. I suppose this is where things will get long, and hopefully get interesting.


8:34: This humid, damp, slightly cool, wet foliage smell reminds me a lot of hiking near home, which is strange because I just hiked through a city. My shoulders hurt a good bit.


8:44: Right now these photos are hovering between a log and pictures of light.. I’m not sure what I want them to be.


9:03: I love to travel, and I love to hike, and I love to experience and interact with the world. I can’t help but think that in the future, my art practice will have a similar “journey” component to what I’m doing now.


9:39: I think this is the point at which my body is like, “wait, are you still walking?”


9:47: I’ve often found it impossible to think artistically with physical ailment (hunger, needing to go to the bathroom, pain) I wonder if the quality of my photos today will degrade?


10:11: I abandoned the idea of only taking each photo once. The ability to view & react to a photo is the advantage of digital photography, and is echoed by this journey, where I want to view & react to what I’m doing & where I am.


10:20: What is this piece about? This piece is about the passage of time. This piece is about the brief, richness of a day under the sun.


10:50: Beauty can be found almost anywhere if you’re actually looking.


11:06: I think it’s easier to do good work in places I’ve never been; there’s something about new things and being unburdened by familiarity that I find particularly invigorating.


11:24: Trespassing is basically the only law I wish I could break without reprecussions [sic].


11:32: Where and how to shit becomes quite the ordeal with no toilet.


11:51: This day so far has felt short, though looking back at pics from the beginning they seem like forever ago.


12:11: I don’t know I’ve properly paced myself..


12:47: It’s around solar noon but I’m afraid I’m not halfway…


1:04: When I was a kid, I “ran away from home”, only to bring lunch to the end of my yard, eat, sit there until I cooled down, and returned. That’s not dissimilar to what I’m doing now.


1:07: My entire lower body is sore and I feel so far from anyone or anything I call home except my head and my camera.


1:15: I can’t decide what the pictures I’m taking now mean. It’s mostly trees, I guess the whole thing was supposed to be documentary but then I got hung up on beauty and I’ve lost focus. What are these pictures of? I’m just so exhausted.


1:20: I never know if when doing stuff like this I actually solve my problems or if they just seem small in comparison to tackling grand and difficult work but despite my ailing frame I feel good.


1:38: Unfortunately I have to strike a faster pace. I have 4/12 hours to get back to downtown if I want to make sundown, which I do.



1:44: I’m getting tired of taking pics of trees.


1:56: I think I’m going to need to re-route myself, unfortunately.


2:03: And not only did I decide against it, it isn’t an option. Long/original way it is.


2:14: I feel like I’m holding my body prisoner & forcing it to walk.


2:18: This journey has reiterated for me something I think about myself: I need time alone to remind myself I need people, and I need time with people to remind myself I need time alone.


2:44: Stopped by Henrico Co. police officers. OK sorry I’ll stop taking pictures of the airport with a beard, jeeze.


2:54: I feel like I’m on the downslope of this route,but that doesn’t put Richmond much closer or the sun higher in the sky.


3:04: Gotta get my mind back on this project- walking towards Richmond is making me think about all the work I have to do.


3:26: Trying to find a secluded place to piss makes me feel like a vagrant.


3:48: My legs feel a bit like they’re turning to stone. Most artistic thoughts are gone. Just want to get back to RVA in 2 ½ hours.


4:00: I’m about ready to just fall over. But damn if I don’t feel close, and damn if I don’t feel good.


4:20: Five miles, two hours. Easy.


4:24: I wonder if people driving by me think I’m crazy. I wonder if they think anything of me.


4:37: One last stop for food and rime to push into the city.


4:53: Not going to be able to get downtown before sunset. Damn.


5:00: One hr mad dash to Church Hill at least? I’m so tired though…


5:11: My legs are in such pain, but I’m so averse to failing what I set out to do.


5:18: I’m stumbling over flat land, I’m about to fall over but I still feel like I have enough time to make it.


5:30: This is a piece about what I set out to do and what I did do.


5:35: My legs feel like fire as the trees look it.


5:40: I’m probably not going to make it.


5:48: I… Might make it?


5:55: This hill! My God this hill!


5:57: I… made it.. not all the way, but, here I am…


6:10: The sun is down. The journey is over. I feel very, very good.



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