My, have things been busy

Just a quick update since I haven’t written in a few weeks: I’ve been extremely busy as of late. That’s the long and the short of it.

I’ve been out to do landscape photography three times since the last posting of images, and I’d love to share these but I’d really like to take time and share them right. I’ve been reading a fair amount of art criticism that’s had a great deal of influence on my work. I’d like to sort of process that with writing and illuminate the text with the work I’ve been doing, and that will take a fair amount of time that I need to block off and just do. But of course, this entails finishing editing all the images I’ve made. Despite being on spring break I still have a fair amount of work (mostly job related) that needs to be done. But I will get to it! Promise.

Until then: be well, readers.


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