Summer Film, part 1

Wow, it’s been well over a month since I’ve posted anything. I’ll say a few words and then post the first set of film photos from my summer.

I didn’t like a lot of the pictures I took this summer. I started the summer with grand ambition of using the huge amount of free time I’d have to not only take pictures, but take great pictures. Meaningful pictures.

That ended up not being the case. I started out summer with some hiking and some picture taking, got some stuff I liked decently, and had an idea for a project I wanted to work on all summer. I wanted to develop a series over the entire summer and come out with one really solid personal project. However, what ended up happening is that after working 40 hours a week at a horribly monotonous job, all I wanted to do was nothing. The awful mental filter of “I don’t know if I can take pictures that are good enough right now for xxxxxxxx reason” set in, and going out to take pictures always got pushed to tomorrow, next weekend, and so on.

I had an incredible vacation, a road trip across the country with my family to a lot of really stunningly beautiful places in the west. This was nice because it sort of kicked me back into the basic image making mentality: there was no way I was going to make any good conceptual work in the American west in the two weeks I was there, so I just tried to make good images.

The images turned out decently well, but didn’t mean anything. My frustrations in trying to make them mean something have more or less prevented me from finishing editing them and posting them. I would think “these images are fairly nice, but they aren’t so nice that they can “stand” without a concept” and put off posting them. I’ve been picking at editing them now and then, and they’ll be up soon.

The 35mm camera I’ve used since high school (and was actually my dad’s camera that ended up in my hands through a mildly interesting story) has had a mis-aligned mirror since I started using it, and the pictures rarely turned out in good focus. It was repaired about halfway through summer and I bought a 96 exposure pack of cheap film to test it and just to shoot and have fun. 35mm doesn’t lend itself to the type of work I like to do anyway, so I used it to take informal, fun pictures. Pictures of my friends. Of the places I went. Of the things I thought were neat.

I want to switch to film as much as possible for personal work, and I may make a more extensive post detailing the reasons why I like shooting film, but for now enjoy these images. They’ve been selected out of the 72 pictures I had developed, edited and spotted, and I’ll post them in two batches.


35-16 35-15 35-14 35-13 35-12 35-11 35-10 35-9 35-8 35-7 35-6 35-5 35-4 35-3 35-2 35-1


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