The next few weeks


It’s winter break!

I’ve benefited immensely from my wonderful, hardworking, and passionate friends. Even those that haven’t really influenced my style, whose work isn’t in mine, their friendship and their work ethic have pushed me to make better work than I would’ve if I’d been working independent of them.

And my friends in photo, I am indebted to their critique, their late night conversations, their willingness to look at work when I bring it up to them. Them bringing their work up to me excited and wanting to talk about it. The many conversations, the “hey, what are you working on?”s.

I was going to try to make a write-up about my finals but I really just can’t bring myself to keep writing about my own work right now when there’s so much good work being made around me- that work is as much a part as me as any foolishness that comes from “inside me”.

So, for the next few weeks over break I’ll primarily be publishing write-ups on many of my friends that influence my work and thinking. I’ve got one project stewing that I may write about soon, but other than that, I want to write about my friends I’m so thankful for.


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